Parse Multiple listings at one time (Advanced option)

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warning- If not done correctly, the current list will be damaged



-Prepare the file for import. I have the template file attached to this page to use. Alter this file to hold your listings for import.

-Double check and make sure that the file ends with a (.csv) no other extension.

-A .xml file may work, but I have not tried this yet. Just to be safe always use .csv for imports.



This is a test example of a .csv file preparing for upload


After inputing the data. click on the import/export button.



-click on browse and select the .csv file (triple check to make sure it’s a .csv file)

-To start the parsing of the file click on ‘import & Geo code


I recommend starting off slow and put 2 or 3 listings in the first .csv file upload.  Just to ensure that whoever uploads the list has done it successfully, at least one time, with a small list before importing a large list.


This should be a 5-10 second process. If you notice that it’s taking more than 15 seconds to finish the process close the browser immediately and check the list for any errors. If something’s wrong, the parser will either never find the end of the file and run until the process is shut down or end the file with crazy output. The longer that it parses incorrect data the more significant the damage to the list will be.

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